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Short Outline
Can Russia learn from Asiafastforward and the West equally? How are
concepts of kick-starting development used in practice? Goal: Bringing the best aspects together in a set of recommendations for Perm and other
Russian cities in transformation.
Cities in China show the rest of the world how quick new urban environments
can emerge. They do not seem to have any of the problems the rest of the
world has when starting urban (re-)development. That might be true when it
comes to the creation of physical substance in a created tabula rasa. But
city also is a social and economically active place, lacking in many of
these new quarters for many years because it reaches beyond modernist
paradigms in a guided economy.

In Russia, projects are often victims of bureaucratic hindrances and the
belief in the big project, thatsolves all problems but often does not solve
one of them.

Modernisation is not a “project” with a start day and a clear end. Urban
problems are complex and can’t be solved in one day.

Reform of existing conditions takes time. We should also not ignore all the
good aspects that exist: experienced people, good networks, traditions and
local identity.

Transformation is a process of development. Even if the aim is clear today,
regulations and habits of people need to change towards a different, better
future. A future that is promising as much as it is unclear and surprising.
That means that the original aim might also need adjustment.But people want
to see achievements or are desperate for problems to be solved.

Kids are growing up, life goes on every day, we can’t wait …

1. Emergency call – ask for help
Kickstarter = crowd funding and the use of collective intelligence
Find supporters to develop and support the process
Find local people/institutions that will carry the project in the long run
Collaboration needed for complex urban challenges

2. Quick wins
Get on with the obvious
Tackle immediate problems (paint, repair, clean, unused budgets)
Temporary solutions = get people excited about what is possible

3. Ideas of the next generation
Work with young people and students
Inspiration and free thinking

4. Invite pioneers
Be open minded to people/groups that want to act
Temporary use

5. Pilot projects
Test bed - temporary outside current rules and regulations
Test new tools

6. Present, communicate, collaborate
Share, explain, learn, excite, encourage, belief, trust

7. Parallel track/background
Work on the more complex big projects in parallel to cross fertilize.

8. Benefits
Set examples, best practice for all to experience
Gain experience and share it
Build up local people that will remain and carry on

9. A celebration
Sense of achievement
Only if you start immediately you can celebrate something together soon

''Let’s get started.''

Kickstarting development, Learning from Asia and the West, Perm, Implementing transformation
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