- Towards Sustainable Development: Improvement of China’s Urban Spatial Growth Management System    click here to open paper content342 kb
by    Yu, Cheng & Huang, Panpan | yuc6@cardiff.ac.uk   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
In the context of Chinas rapid urbanization, what tools of urban spatial growth management are needed in China? What kind of American and UK spatial growth management policy can be used for reference? and how could these tools be utilized?
With the rapid urbanization, resource-conserving and environment-friendly society strategies in China, single-sided pattern of urban spatial growth is being transformed into an exterior-expand/interior-renewal mode. In order to protect environment and resource of cultivated land, Chinese government has made and implemented the strictest land use policy ever since and formed an urban spatial growth management (USGM) system which consists of development plan, land use strategy and urban plan. Empirically, the planned sizes of most Chinese cities, especially small
cities, are much more larger than moderate scale, while reasonable management of spatial expansion is difficult to achieve. The problem is not the management system itself, but the conflicting between different policies and insufficient political support.

There have been USGM policies and approaches in American cities to deal with urban sprawl, such as setting spatial growth boundary and transferrable land development rights. In UK, the process of urban spatial expansion and agriculture land reduction has been efficiently slow down since 1970s.
Although Chinese cities are currently in different stage and background from the ones in USA and UK, but the successful experience and methods could have directive significance.

In the first part of the paper, the existed problem of Chinese urban spatial management system will be discussed. Then the patterns and approaches of urban spatial management in USA and UK will be reviewed to conclude directive significance and lessons. The following questions will be focused:
a) what USGM policy tools are needed in China; b) what kind of American and UK USGM policy can be used for reference; and c) how could these tools be utilized.
urban spatial growth management; policy tool; sustainability
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