- Assessment Residential Environment Quality of Traditional and New Neighbourhoods, in Rapid Grown City, Tehran    click here to open paper content306 kb
by    Dadashpoor, Hashem & Kesalkheh, Saleh | Saleh.ke@hotmail.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The quality of residential environment in traditional and new neighbourhoods of Tehran metropolis is considered here. Subjective-objective assessment indicates higher results in new neighbourhood but differences of rates in sub-criteria in comparison.
Today’s life in cities is faced with many challenges. Old and traditional neighborhoods are not suitable in new situations and on the other hand new neighborhoods developed in last decades got far from human criteria. All of these problems show themselves in living and residential environments in these neighborhoods. This paper is seeking to identify the components of the residential environment quality and assessment this concept in traditional (Sanglaj) and new (Naft) environments and neighborhood areas in Tehran.
The method used in this research is an objective-subjective approach in which assessment of environmental quality is implemented by inhabitant’s understand and objective characteristics. For each assessment method a database is prepared by questionary in subjective assessment and spatial database in objective assessment. To analyze subjective data statistics methods (correlations, multiple regressions …) and for objective data spatial analysis are used.
The assessment results indicate that subjective and objective qualities of environment in new neighborhood are higher than in traditional one. But analysis of components shows that each neighborhood is better in some indicators. Functional-structural criteria in traditional neighborhood and physical-spatial criteria in new neighborhoods have better position. The variations between subjective and objective indicators are more in new neighborhood. It shows the higher prospect of inhabitants of new neighborhood.
environment quality, residential environment, subjective and objective assessment, traditional and new neighborhoods, Sanglaj and Naft.
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