- Study on Emphases and Trend of Tianjin Urban Public Safety Planning from the View of Bohai Rim Megalopolis    click here to open paper content1369 kb
by    Gong, Yuan & Xiao, Yu & Lu, Li | gongy20001@163.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
In regional development thought, Tianjin urban public safety planning pay more attention to sharing resources and facilities from the megalopolis, eliminating hidden area problems, and reducing environmental risks.
Nowadays urban public safety has been an important subject of study in urban planning study. And planners realized that a safe city is very important for sustainable development. Traditional urban public safety planning begins to perfect the contents and method. And regional research is an important aspect in the improvement of new era urban public safety planning.
This paper chooses Tianjin, the important city in Bohai Rim area as the example for research. Bohai Rim is one of the three major economic zones of China with the other Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta. Bohai Rim megalopolis is identified as one of the three most important megalopolis of china according to National Development Priority Zones Planning and is aiming to a world-class megalopolis. In this background, Tianjin urban public safety planning includes not only comprehensive disaster prevention and reduction, effectively preventing and reducing disasters, ensuring the safety of the life and property of the residents, but also sharing resources and facilities from the view of megalopolis, eliminating hidden area troubles, reducing whole environment risks and so on.
The paper analyzes the importance of making Tianjin urban public safety planning from the view of Bohai Rim megalopolis, which is followed by the introduction of the methods and contents of urban public safety planning in a district. Thorough analyzing the emphases and trend, it is hoped to establish new detailed rules for this kind of special planning and expand its content and framework. The new planning is necessary to contribute regional cooperation and sustainable spatial development of megalopolis. For example, Tianjin will share the shelters with Beijing and surrounding area, will construct an integrated system of road for refuge, will plan one open space system in megalopolis, will establish a safe system for Bohai use including ports, industries and coastline planning together with other seashore cities.
Tianjin, urban public safety planning,Bohai Rim megalopolis
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