- ‘Green-Fingers Developments’ Headway in East African Region    click here to open paper content692 kb
by    Njue, Peter Njeru & Kibet, Edwin Kigai | peter.njue@cantab.net   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The urge to develop greener buildings has gathered irreversible momentum within the region. The paper presents the development of such buildings right from the colonial period to date and draws a clear bright picture of tomorrow.
Over the last nearly two decades, the construction industry has seen a considerable increase in discussion around, research on, and certification of the ‘sustainability’ or ‘greenness’ of buildings. Increased awareness by developers, governing agencies, funding bodies and consumers on matters sustainability has expanded the demand for design and construction of higher performing, more efficient structures, centering around everything from which delivery system is best suited to green projects to the latest selection of interior finishes. This paper centers its attention case studies on rapid developments within the region that have embraced green technologies ranging from masterplanninto unit detailing. Such developments form part of an inexcusable sequence spreading throughout the region like fingers leading to zero energy developments in the region.
Green rating, certification, green developments
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