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Short Outline
The extent to which the city of Port of Spain, Trinidad is unsustainable
may be quantified by using sustainability indices. Such analysis is useful in proposing recommendations that will aid planning for sustainability in the future.
Port of Spain, the capital city of the twin island State of Trinidad and
Tobago is plagued by a number of problems which render it unsustainable.
These include frequent and severe flooding, traffic congestion and issues
related to housing, waste disposal and collection and the informal sector.
Case studies have proven that cities which have faced similar problems have
now been able to successfully emerge as leading cities in sustainability.
Curitiba, the capital of Parana state in south-eastern Brazil, stands out
as one such city.
It is important that the development of Port of Spain takes place in a
sustainable manner, as the literature suggests that cities have tremendous
potential for contributing to overall sustainable development. Also, in the
context of the challenges faced by Small Island Developing States, issues
such as limited land space and climate change are real for the city of Port
of Spain. In light of the foregoing, this research seeks to accomplish four
things: (i) to identify appropriate indicators for quantifying Port of
Spainís unsustainable attributes (ii) to identify appropriate targets by
which progress over time could be measured (iii) to recommend practical
ways in which the targets identified could be met and (iv) to recommend how
the use of indicators could be incorporated into the cityís planning
framework. In order to achieve these objectives, a comprehensive review of
global sustainability indicators was undertaken along with a review of best
practices from leading cities in sustainability.
Port of Spain, sustainable cities, sustainable development indicators
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