- Dichotomy of Urban Public Spaces “Timeless or Ephemeral”- The Indian experience    click here to open paper content492 kb
by    Sasidharan, Priya & Prosperi, David C. | priya.sasidharan@gmail.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Transforming urban public spaces are manifestation of hyper dynamic urbanism.Timeless and Ephemeral, they elucidate a dichotomy.Responsive and adaptive in nature, these spaces provide the ecological and social anchorage to cities.
Urban public spaces and its existential competence reveal an underlying socio cultural dimension in the Indian context. The dichotomy of urban spaces evolves from the conscious integration of change into the dynamic urban system. The generics that outline coexistence and the specifics that define uniqueness present a complex ensemble of the local – glocal – global phenomena. Surfacing the ravages of rapid change, public spaces are anchors of people centric activities that have multiple variants. The impact of hi - speed urbanism directs planners to harmonise accelerated growth with ecological and social inclusiveness.
The paper attempts to understand the multifaceted connotations of timeless and ephemeral public spaces that retain ethnicity but is adaptive. The constancy index of change, influencing factors and its reflections on public spaces is vital for integrated urban planning. A study (case specific – Chennai city) of the power of public spaces and the critical attributes of its sustenance presents the inherent resilience of Indian public spaces. Absorptive power, assimilative properties and adaptive mechanism underlines the Indian public space scenario. Evolution of signature typologies in public spaces is mapped to devise proactive planning strategies. Integrating the new, paving the way for transformation, public spaces are in a struggle to strike dynamic equilibrium with people and nature. The lessons learnt from timeless tradition, urban vestiges, and emerging trends in Chennai present a paradigm shift in the planning approach. From conservation to adaptive reuse, public spaces are manifestations of eco-efficient liveability.

Keywords: existential competence, signature typologies, resilience, social inclusiveness
dichotomy of urban public spaces, existential competence, signature typologies, resilience, social inclusiveness
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