- Home as Workplace in Low Income Settlements of Lagos Metropolis    click here to open paper content124 kb
by    Lawanson, Taibat & Olanrewaju, David | tolawanson@gmail.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
This research investigates the interplay between livelihoods and lifestyles of home based entrepreneurs in low income settlements of the Lagos Metropolis.
This research critically examines Home Based Enterprises (HBE‘s) in low income residential areas of the Lagos Metropolis.
The research adopts a purposive selection of eighteen low income residential neighbourhoods in the Lagos Metropolis. Data was obtained by the administration of structured questionnaires and analysis was done by both parametric and non-parametric methods.
Random sampling of 301 home based enterprises in was carried out. Issues examined include housing and environmental conditions; nature and causes of housing transformation as well as types of home based enterprises and socio-economic characteristics of operators. These include age, gender, income, household size and level of education. The planning implications of these housing transformations were also considered.
The research revealed the importance of home based enterprises as a major source of income generation and socialization in urban areas. While about 45% of the respondents rely solely on their home enterprises, 19.15% are also employed in the formal sector of the economy. It was also discovered that many of the HBEs came about as a result of layout design errors that did not consider the socio-cultural milieu.
Recommendations include the adoption of case-specific planning models, consideration of cultural contexts in planning and the adoption of local economic development strategies in city design and development.
Home Based Enterprises, Urban Poverty, Informal Economy,
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