- Marketing Strategies of Territorial Development as the Basis of Effective Territorial Planning    click here to open paper content948 kb
by    Kurbatova, Anna | a.kurbatova@ikrt.ru   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
This paper highlights the need to design individual city marketing strategies that will capitalize on the unique qualities of a given location, instead of generic marketing concepts or an old Soviet strategic settlement ideology. Each city brand should correspond to the unique “offer” of the place and reflect its real strength.
In the context of changing socioeconomic relations formats in Russia during the last 150 years history- and nature-determined systems of economic activity and, therefore, systems of population settlement have been lost. The European part of the country has undergone especially profound and painful changes. Now we are facing the perspective of establishing them anew, but without basing on the previously existing territorial structures (as they were preserved only fragmentary and, therefore, can not serve as the territory framework), but with commitment to the territory potential in the economics of the future.
To define and start using this potential, it’s necessary to work out new marketing strategies of territorial development, which should be profoundly different from the previously used strategies of socioeconomic development. The main difference is in the fact that new marketing strategies solve the problem of searching of unique territorial offers – the points of economical growth of territories in the system of accessible and developing markets. On the basis of unique territorial offers it’s necessary to work out territory brands, providing the realization of marketing strategies together with territory’s potential and its possibilities of attracting field-oriented investments. The strategies of socioeconomic development do not deal with future development, but set parameters of development on the basis of providing social guarantees to the settlements and their population, without taking into consideration the territory’s potential.
In the given conditions the adequate urban planning documentation, which defines flexible territorial and temporal trajectory of economic activity development on the given territory, can be worked out only basing on the marketing strategies.
It’s suggested to consider and study the methodology of the above-mentioned approach and the results of special model of territorial development’s search on the example of municipal entities of the South-Eastern part of Moscow agglomeration. South-Eastern part of Moscow agglomeration includes not only Moscow region municipal entities, but also Ryazan region ones. Marketing strategy unites them on the basis of searching for effective solutions in the spheres of agricultural and alimentary productions development, as well as recreational areas development. All the above-mentioned guidelines set strict requirements to the quality of the environment and set forth the goal of territorial structure planning formation on the basis of maintaining its ecological framework. This factor in particular gives reasons to assume that the developing new structure will be stable enough and in high social demand.
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