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Short Outline
Представлен перечень основных проблем и вызовов современному градостроительству России, названы направления, по которым идет поиск их решения.
The list of major problems and challenges to modern urban planning of Russia is presented, and proposals for directions of adequate response are given.
Consolidation of cities and urban agglomerations is the general worldwide trend of recent decades. Russia is not an exception, there is a ''contraction'' of the population in the major components of the reference frame area, which are the largest cities and formed on their basis agglomerations. Russia has more than 70% of the urban population, more than 30% of the total population of Russian lives in urban agglomerations, and it is 2/3 of the gross domestic product. The growth of urbanization in Russia, accompanied by a decrease of population, exacerbated by ''the West drift'' of migration, which leads to increasing of polarization on country's, regional and local levels.
The concept of agglomeration should be seen and accepted not only in relation to major cities but also for medium and small cities, which have the objective conditions for this. Agglomeration, by which we mean the best complex development of the conjugate area of the city and suburbs – this is more intelligent way of organizing the territory, it supposed the best and most efficient use and sharing territorial, infrastructure and other resources.
Proper management of the sintering processes can mitigate their negative effects, and lead to more efficient use of the territory. Managing the development of the territory, especially such combined as agglomeration, should be based on the principle of unity of the socio-economic, territorial and investment planning (formula of triad): a strategy for socio-economic development - territory planning document - a comprehensive investment program.
Documents for the strategic and spatial development of the region should be developed initially in a single bundle: the stage of development strategies should take into account the spatial aspects of social-economic development, territorial restrictions. On the other hand, the territorial planning documents without a strategic vision, without understanding of the perspectives and development goals is ineffective.
The main task of designing the territorial agglomeration is the best way to determine the spatial development of the city and surrounding areas. Today the legal definition of ''agglomeration'' is absent and Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation doesn’t expected the development of a unified territorial planning document for the whole territory of agglomeration.
Designing agglomeration we should be guided not by the interests of individual territories, but agglomeration as a whole. It is very important to balance the interests of all involved and interested parts of the project: administration, government, business and residents.
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