Master Plan Perm
by    Golovin, Andrei |   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The City of Perm is currently seeking to reinvent itself as a regional cultural and educational capital and update its current image of heavy industry. Most Russian cities are affected by a socio-economic transformation and hereby confronted with new spatial needs. The Perm Strategic Masterplan (PSM) provides a set of strategies and tools of improving the overall quality of the urban environment by a consolidation of the existing built form. The presentation gives a profile of PSM via impasses and solutions.
Russia is on not easy way of changing urban planning system since 2004. If there are any progress? Perm Master Plan is really unusual document for Russia. Singularity of the plan is not because itís bad or good. But because of decisions proposed in Plan weren't being accepted in Russia for long decades, and paying special attention to human scale objects of the urban environment still causes misunderstanding or the relation to it as to any ''shamanism''. Does Perm have prospects to implement its Plan? The question arose because itís very probable if Russia will dive into new reform of urban planning system. The State still appoints a volume of housing square meters construction as a starting point for urban planning.

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