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by    Qin, Mengdi & Liu, Guangpeng | liuguanpeng@hotmail.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
This paper explores advantages and disadvantages of small towns and cities
in China, with the goal to enhance the attractiveness of small towns. It
suggests that small towns should be concerned with being attractive, so
that they can contribute to relieving various pressures on big cities
caused by migration.
China's urbanization rate is 50% now driven by large-scale demographic
migration. With a great number of people coming from rural to urban areas,
some problems were brought such as gaps between the rich and the poor,
increasing class contradictions, as well as the growing pressure on both
energy and environment. Recent policies by the Chinese government and
planners are some kinds of developing rural areas into cities, which may
adverse impact on the inherent rural development. This paper tries to
achieve a balance between rural and urban development by developing small
and medium-sized towns as an Intermediate state between rural and urban
areas. With the help of these towns, population could be attracted so that
pressures of big cities would be alleviated and at the same time economic
development would also be made. By proper developing methods, the small
towns can be made good enough so that people who expect an urban life would
like to live here rather than large cities. And at the same time city
residents can also be attracted. The most effective way on achieving these
is to create a place attractive enough by providing as much as working
opportunities for everyone, building an environmental friendly and
sustainable living space, and also forming a place that can provide
residents good living convenience the same as that in big cities. Through
the study of how to make the small towns attractive enough in planning and
strategy practices, we could alleviate multiple pressures brought by
population migration to large cities. For achieving a balanced, stable
development and there is need develop the economy, urbanization and the
whole society at the same time. The paper will be finished with how the
small towns can help to solve problems caused by China[simplequote]s
migration, with methods and strategies that can do some help on how to
improve the attraction and innovation of small and medium towns. Also in
this paper a particular small town of this kind will be selected around
Shanghai, the largest city in China, as a demonstration and application of
all these methods and strategies that have been mentioned. Additional, the
conclusions could provide experience on future development for those
countries that would have this 50% urbanization rate in the next years.
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