- South West Victoria 2012 2050: Are the Settlements Sustainable?   click here to open paper content733 kb
by    Herron, Murray & Jonens, David & Rollo, John | jmher@deakin.edu.au   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Regional sustainability in Victoria. Is it possible?
Over the past few decades coastal cities around the world have grown at an
incredible rate. With this growth have come major challenges relating to
land use planning, social relationships, economic development, bio
diversity and the ecological footprint.

Regional and rural coastal cities have not been immune to these problems.
How have three selected regional towns situated in the Australian state of
Victoria faced the issues of: increasing population and population density;
open space requirements; residential density issues; public transport
coverage; employment and employment density; a shifting economic climate;
environment and climate change; water quality issues and building energy
consumption with subsequent C02 emission.

Through a series of simulations the nine issues for each of the three
cities will be examined from 2012 through to 2050.

The goal is to highlight the current and simulated future impacts of the
selected issues and propose solutions that could mitigate those impacts.
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