- Analysis of The Spatial Characteristics of Commercial Streets in China's Southern Cities: A Case of Three Commercial Streets in SuZhou   click here to open paper content812 kb
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Short Outline
Characteristic commercial streets are an important way to physically
display the characteristics of cities. Based on a factual investigation on
three characteristic commercial streets in SuZhou, this paper analyzes the
space attributes and positive effects of the characteristic commercial
streets, and aims to provide recommendations on building characteristic
urban spaces.
In the context of economic globalization and rapid urbanization, city
characteristics have increasingly become a prominent problem, especially
inChina. On one hand, accompanied by economic expansion, regional culture
is faced with strong culture invasion and digestion. On the other hand, in
the process of rapid city-growth and updating, the pattern of urban history
and the traditional neighborhoods are severely damaged. There is no
uniqueness, only similar cityscape .These problems have brought on the
significance and urgency to study Chinese cities' characters. Such a
situation was discussed by Zhao Shixiu(1998)and Wu Liangyong(2005) in
order to strengthen the protection of city characteristics.

In this article,we focus on the urban characteristic space. It represents
the spirit and temperament of the city, which is of the human and cultural
quality and materialized space with distinct geographical features in the
developing process of a city.Urban characteristic space is a public place
to experience the city's characteristics and perceive its spirits, as a
window and an introduction book of a city.

The characteristic commercial street, which is a type of urban
characteristic space, is the city's most beautiful living room,the city's
business card.It is an important way to display the characteristics of

Built in 514 BC, located in the center of Yangtze Delta,Suzhouis an ancient
city with 2500 years of history. The unique characteristics of the past are
still retained in present-daySuzhou. It is renowned for the classic
gardens, canals, silks, lakes, operas, legends and museums.The city’s
fantastic features and classic lifestyle is unmatched in China.

Based on a factual investigation on threecharacteristic commercial streets
in SuZhou——Ping Jiang Road, Shan Tang Street and Li Gong Di, this paper
analyzes four major space attributes of the characteristic commercial
streets: publicity, difference, reflection, and artistry.It then
demonstrates the positive effects of the characteristic commercial streets
in the following ways: improving and perfecting the urban function,
highlighting local characteristics, inheriting and renewing city history,
boosting city economy, carrying forward the culture and building up a
positive city image. In the end, the paper points out relevant hints on
building characteristic urban space from the planning, construction and
management experience of the three streets
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