- `Insurgent` Spaces in Durban; An investigation on the proliferation of religious sites for the Nazareth Baptist Church   click here to open paper content723 kb
by    Mchunu, Koyi | mchunuk@ukzn.ac.za   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Planning in the context of diversity, temporaneous nature of uses poses
This paper discusses ` insurgent planning` as relevant approach to planning
practice, then applies it to the city of Durban in an attempt to shed light
on the proliferation of religious sites of the Nazareth Baptist Church.
Arguing that predominant planning theories are inadequate to account for
the diversity of urban experiences, the paper explores alternative
theoretical frameworks that speak more eloquently to contemporary issues,
more especially in contexts that are increasingly marked by diversity,
difference, informality, marginality, and `otherness` . These theoretical
frameworks foreground these issues as constitutive of being (in the city),
and as contributions to the collective reimagining of the city. The paper
discusses how such a planning approach could improve theory, pedagogy, and
practice of planning.
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