- Developing an urban sustainability toolbox using earth observation data and GIS for monitoring rapid urbanisation in developing countries   click here to open paper content190 kb
by    Musakwa, Walter & van Niekerk, Adriaan & Mbinza, Zenzile | musakwarup@gmail.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Cities in most developing countries often lack data to manage rapid
urbanisataion. The US earth Observation (EO) data and GIS are a proposed
solution which can assist local authorities in managing rapid urbanization.
Rapid urbanisation causes land transformation from agricultural, rural, and
natural landscapes into urban areas in many developing countries . Data to
monitor this transformation is often outdated, unreliable, unstandardised,
cumbersome and expensive to collect or simply unavailable. This undermines
local authorities and other stakeholders’ capacity to monitor and leverage
resources toward sustainable urban development. This paper proposes the use
of earth observation (EO) data and geographic information systems (GIS) to
develop an urban sustainability toolbox for supporting sustainable urban
development planning. The study demonstrates that EO data and GIS analysis
facilitates timely povision of area-wide, up-to-date, thematic, spatial,
statistical and geometric characterisation of the urban built-up area. This
helps local planning authorities to monitor urban growth and sustainability
as well as facilitate evidence-based decision making.
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