- AFRICA. FROM SHOULD TO COULD New model of planning practice required addressing the increase in migrations. How to integrate informal mechanisms into the urban management of the African culture. (The uncontrolled independence of Peter Panís shadow)   click here to open paper content1179 kb
by    Contin, Antonella & Della Rosa, Massimo & Ortiz CastaŮo, Pedro | antonella.contin@polimi.it   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Metropolitan management methodologies confronting new challenges: shaping
rapid growth in a context of informality, scarcity and misgovernment.
Metropolitan architecture methodologies facing the new urban paradigm of
the non optimal city. The term post-optimal city is used to recall a post-
functionalist dimension of the unfolding (new) size, scale and technology
in the city.
Theme: the research involves the transformation of the settlements, which
are at the fringed edge of the metropolis (Dar es Salaam in this case),
constantly changing, due to the fact that a huge number of migrants come
there from the countryside, and characterized by a variable degree of
informality. The area project falls within a new typology of formal-
informal interface that we want develop as a gradient of formality. We
present a study of a way to regulate the growth: an evolution in scale. We
applied the Reticular Matrix Model System that is a development model
rather than a formal model. Itís a study of a design method that allows us
to describe and design urban phenomena related to the change of scale,
which determines the mutation of types of morphologies of urban spaces and
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