- Multi-directional Flows of People In One City: The Case of Istanbul   click here to open paper content280 kb
by    Yazgi, Burcin | byazgi@gmail.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Two opposing neighborhoods are chosen as sample areas to discuss the
changing physical, social, cultural, economic and political patterns in
What are the real needs in a dynamic city? What is the interaction between
these flows if any at all?
Through the exploration of these relations and the pattern of the flows in
the city, it is recognizable that new spatial cultures are added to the
city cycle everyday. As a result of these, the terms and the concepts are
changing in the city agenda and the city is becoming more complicated
everyday. With this study - sensing the city of Istanbul with respect to
the contradictions, similarities and complexness of the flows of people -
the main purpose to contribute to our understanding of ‘the city’ or what
forms ‘the city’. The organization of the study is as follows. After
talking about the background of the flows of people, based on the selected
sample areas in Istanbul, the topic will be discussed in depth.
These sections will be followed by concluding remarks.
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