- Increasing Cities and Shrinking Regions (Increasing Cities and Shrinking Regions: Migration in China’s Urbanization— —Cases from Sichuan and Henan Provinces)   click here to open paper content682 kb
by    Zhang, Li | cityzh@sina.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Thirty years of huge population migration has gradually caused the
reconstruction of population distribution both in urban & rural areas and
in east and middle-west regions.
There are two moving directions of migrant people: movement to nearby
cities and to longdistance cities. According to migration workers
monitoring and investigating report 2011, numb er of migration workers from
countryside to nearby cities was 88.88 million and the number of long-
distance movement migration workers was 153.35 million in 2010. The
census 2010 of China indicates, there were 260.94 million migration people
in 2010, 15% of them was moving inside the city they registered in, 52% was
moving inside their registered province, while 33% was moving from their
registered province to the other province. Data from these two different
sources fit well, and both indicate total amount of Chinese migration
population has already reached 0.22 billion and above.
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