- Planning tool for the transformation to low density cities in more sustainable urban models   click here to open paper content580 kb
by    Gomez Piovano, Jimena & Mesa, Alejandro | jpiovano@mendoza-conicet.gob.ar   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The work done, on the one hand, presents a simple simulation tool for the
visualization of the evolution patterns associated with urban growth of
cities, and also assess the levels of sustainability of land use. Studies
denote that for the urban area reached sustainable levels established for
other regions, it should quadruple its population.
South America is one of the regions where the phenomenon of urbanization
has a big proportion overcoming Europe and USA. This phenomenon increases
in Argentina considering that 70% of the population lives in cities (ONU
Habitad 2012). Most of the developments are concentrated in fertile and
productive areas, while there are large desert areas without occupation or
explotation. Therefore the accelerated urbanization processes constitute a
loss of agricultural production. There is a great need to preserve natural
soil in the environment and is more complex in arid land where the
expansion is limited to a certain area.
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