- System of incentives to urban municipal-interest operations   click here to open paper content81 kb
by    Malcata Rebelo, Emilia | emalcata@fe.up.pt   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
This research fits the revision of the juridical regime of the instruments
aimed at territorial management, currently taking place in Portugal.
The research reported in this article presents a proposal to develop a
system of incentives to urban municipal-interest operations intended to
improve the use of already existing buildings and sites that meet municipal
strategic urban goals (despite these buildings and sites are
valueless for real estate promoters). The current system of incentives
proposes a device that vests municipal powers with the right to assign
construction credits – that represent tradable edification rights -,
directed to those that pursuit certain kinds of urban operations that
refer, namely, to (i) repopulation concerns; (ii) rehabilitation of
buildings (iii) restoration of heritage buildings; (iv) integration within
the municipal domain of municipal land parcels aimed at green spaces; (v)
demolition of existent buildings in urban spaces or spaces aimed at
consolidation; (vi) promotion of buildings´, infrastructures´ and public
spaces´ energetic efficiency, and integration of bioclimatic concepts in a
more efficient use of resources; and (vii) provision of additional parking
in new urban operations with parking shortage.
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