- Urban reconstruction in a contested landscape - lessons from Cato Manor in South Africa   click here to open paper content48 kb
by    Robinson, Peter | praplan@mweb.co.za   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Emerging themes in urban reconstruction particularly relevant for cities in the developing world.
The Cato Manor reconstruction in Durban, South Africa, started in 1992. Ten years later, it has been named an international best practice, and a major documentation process revealed many insights and lessons. Arising from this work, eight themes have been identified that apprea to have universal relevance for cities in developing countries.
- contested landscapes
- urban reconstruction
- turning problems into solutions
- multi-disciplinary approach tp problem solving with a view to achieving integrated development outcomes
- managing complex, large scale, urban development projects
- area based urban development agencies and management
- establishing the pre-conditions for delivery at scale
Cutting across all these themes os that of solving problems in the face of adversity and maintaining progress in a continually shiftinh political and institutional environment.

The paper will discuss key questions and debates within each theme.
Urban reconstruction themes
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