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Short Outline
The accelerated growing of the population as a result of the concentration of the productive activities in just some cities of Mexico has had as a result the spread of the occupied territory on the developing of high populated metropolis. The urbanization process is mainly a result of the illegal appropriation of the territory, that represents a complex problematic of social, economical political and ecological dimensions. A clear example of this problematic is located in the south of the city.
The urbanization of the irregular settlements is a process of a big transcendence and enormous economical and social implications, that have and probably will continue having in Mexico a relatively autonomous trajectory of other significant economical and social processes.

The actual problematic ( causes and consequences) and the proposed alternatives for the irregular settlements where are around 7000 inhabitants in around 780 Km2 in the south of the city of Puebla, Mexico, are analyzed.

The ordaining of this territory has a big importance because for those who participate in the municipal government, represents the opportunity to finish with the eternal vicious circle.

 Of the illegal appropriation of the territory
 Of the anarchy and urban disorder.
 The high housing demand of low cost
 The lack offering of social land
 Industrial development for the exportation
 Populating growing and immigration
 Client manipulation of marginated social groups.

Besides, in the context of the globalized Mexican economy, the city of Puebla is a big challenge of redefinition in the social and urban order. With the finality of improving the quality life of the inhabitants, especially the most vulnerable sector, we can obtain an equitable and just society.

The proposed urban intervention in the zone of study for the municipal government is based in the performance of technical-graphic works using the most modern technology (GPS, mobile chart) and the population counting exploration and of the social dynamics of the irregular settlements, that will allow us to recognize the physic and of population elements that will contribute to develop a urban design ad hoc that will help besides the conferred attributions to the municipal government, giving the respective titles of property to those who inhabit in those settlements.

As a social benefit of the population that is settled in the study zone we find:
a) giving a title property that gives a juridical certitude of the lot to the possessor.
b) Of the municipal government, ordaining the surface since the urban point of view to obtain an efficient dotation of the public services.

It is important to notice that the work of the urban ordaining of the zone of study is nowadays being carried out by the areas of the municipal government where we belong.
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