- Globalisation and metropolisation in Accra/Lagos continuum    click here to open paper content1442 kb
by    DJEGUEMA, Adebayo & YAYA BOCOUM, Ada | eamau@cafe.tg   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
From Accra to Lagos, embracing part of four countries ( Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria), emerge a regional urban system which stretches over 400 km and contain the largest city of Africa ( Lagos 13.427 millions people).This paper tries to analyse the effects of globalisation on this coastal mega city, along the Gulf of Guinea.
Urban Planning in a more globalized and competitive world
Globalisation and metropolisation in Accra/Lagos continuum


The contribution is related to impact of globalisation on the urban fabric in developing countries, changes made by globalisation in urban dynamics, particularly on his effect on emergence of a coastal mega city in west Africa, from Accra to Lagos.

The emergence of this coastal mega city which will polarise most part of regional population and business; and generate more complex problems of transports, security, spatial planning, social policies. ...All these problems alarm west African people, chiefly planners from Ghana , Togo, Benin and Nigeria.
Metropolisation is already appreciate, the new is the correlation between metropolisation and globalisation.

The paper shows to congress on successive scales the local effect of globalisation in Accra/Lagos area.

The first zoom linked globalisation large-scale impacts on public policies, spatial growth courses and urban life; explaining globalisation role in new demographic, cultural, social, and spatial dynamics; showing how globalisation restructure face of the area.
The following zoom illustrate changes and increasing conflicts induct by these reorganisations in local units; confrontation between different social values, new economics standards and tensions dues to competition , disorganisation of main local markets ( shelter, equipments....) are currently observed at Lome ( 1.0 million people, Togo)which is one of the town concerned by the mega city.

To conclude, the paper quest the congress about new challenges, possible way out to assume globalisation and metropolisation deal, to resolve involving crisis and to build for this african global mega city new character.....
Africa, globalisation, metropolisation
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