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Short Outline
Is the world village what we had imagined ? We can instantaneously communicate across the planet but intermediate scales in human relationships and in perception of space remain. Have our own bodies become a hinderance in determining the quality of life ? The ''Convivial Region'' assumes its full significance.

Abstract of a contribution by Dr Bill TWITCHETT, France

The ''Convivial Region'' :
a fundamental entity within the world pattern of development

1- Introduction. Telecommunications technology has enabled the demonstration of certain aspects of the awaited world village. While nations disintegrate or group together, other entities of a macro-ecological nature, such as river basins, manifest their importance. However the urban and adjacent natural region, considered as the ''Convivial Region'' (*) assumes a particular interest for the future world development pattern.
2- Perception and practice of the various scales of our living spaces. Urban man tends to forget that our use of spaces is influenced by the rythm of sun, earth and moon. Also strong traditions have introduced a seven-day cycle of work and play which in turn is translated into millions of bodily movements within relatively confined spaces. The predominantly urban population involved has responsabilities for the immediate and surrounding environment, but also for the overall impact on the planetry system.
3- ''Site target'' : a tool for analysis and comparison. A convenient series of circles has been used to enable rapid site appreciation and also comparison between sites and settlements. Site potential is a major concern.
4- Examples of convivial regions. These include the major cities whose limits of influence are difficult to determine, but also modest entities whose centre and periphery are clearly defined. Numerous intermediate cases have been observed, while potential human settlements abound. Pertinent examples will be presented with illustrations.
5- Significance of the convivial region.
The convivial region could become an important stable reference, a basic building block, during a period of transition in human society. It is here that democracy could have its best chance of survival - where people can meet and get to know each other.

* A useful gallicism, full of meaning, going beyond ''joyful meeting'' to infer the quality of life in being together and also the notion of material support that makes happiness possible !
convivial region
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