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by    Rubitzki, Irene | irene.rubitzki@stadt-salzburg.at   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Furniture as an Example for Globalisation of Lifestyles and also “global Tasks” for Urban Planning
Some years ago only one big furnishing house within Salzburg city limits existed. When another shop opened in a small municipality in the neighbourhood of Salzburg, more and more furnishing houses followed right next to each other. Now an IKEA store will be opened in November 2003 in Salzburg. How can the city-government act with this situation? How to tackle these problems from different points of view: the investor, the consumer, the urban development planer and the regional planer.

A comparison between Vienna and Salzburg - both cities situated in Austria but with different legislative framework and stores erected at different times - demonstrates that similar problems can be solved with rather different solutions.

A general overview of IKEA shows the success of that company and the way from an European dominated company to a multi-national enterprise. Stores in China – in Beijing and Shanghai - are created at the same pattern like in Europe and – although there is a quite different way of living and housing – there will be a growing part of the (young) urban population who wants to live in an “European” or “American” way.
How large multi-national players - like IKEA - try to influence our environment.
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