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Short Outline
Tobruk is a typical third world city that adopted closed socialist economic systems affecting urban growth and composition. Due to global change influences the city is witnessing several developments in structure and composition. Among these changes is a Tourist Complex Project. The study is concerned with the extent of global influences to this project.
Globalization and the Tourist Complex in Tobruk
The study is concerned with the extent to which globalization may affect a tourist complex in a third world country.
As the main designer of the project I think that it may be interesting for participants since it is an opportunity to understand urban problems the third world is facing. It is also an attempt at finding a methodology for solving these problems through exchange of ideas and experiences.
Tobruk is typical of third world cities that adopted closed socialist economic systems which has affected the composition and urban growth. The center of the city and its peripheries has several random developments lacking basic public services and utilities despite geographical importance of the city.
According to different forecasts, this Project will have an effective contribution in providing tourist services in the city and adjacent areas.
The study has viewed the project from a global perspective as an investment, commercial and cultural exchange. It also considered trends in world and Mediterranean tourism. The country’s location, its relationship with others and hence the City of Tobruk and its tourist potential has been considered to extract several suitable tourist activities.
From this perspective, the project will affect and be affected by the performance of the city and country as a whole since it will require the development and improvement of roads, communication, tourist attractions, and adoption of an aggressive of marketing.
However, a country like Libya living in a pre-modernist stage and seeking to deal with globalization challenges and preserving its own civilization and culture, will need to work at three different levels: Reforming the political, educational and administrative system on the national level, enhancing cross country integration and cooperation on the regional level, and reforming the global system for more participation of the third world.

Libya, Tobruk, Globalization, Tourism, Third World
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