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Short Outline
Global economy causes serious physical transformations in developing cities. In this study, Istanbul Metropolitan city is examined by comparing three different areas: Eminonu Region in Historical Penninsula, Maslak-Levent-Taksim area and Persembe Pazari Hardware Area to submit some suggestions by integrating local and global characteristics.


Global economy causes serious physical transformations especially in developing cities. The socio-cultural and economic reflections of this physical transformation involve a painful process in it. There is local-culturel heritage on one side urban space formed by the power of globalization on and the other side.

In this study, Istanbul metropolitan city, which felt the pain of this transformation process caused by globalization extremely, is examined. Three areas of Istanbul are chosen in the scope of the study. First of these is Eminonu region in Historical Penninsula. The traditional economy and cultural heritage are used to live together in this area. The second is Maslak -Levent-Taksim area which contains a lot of high-tech buildings, modern office buildings, etc. Anybody can easily feel the power of globalization by watching the space. Low-storied residential houses and high-storied office buildings are found together in this area. And the third one is an urban decline area: Persembe Pazari Hardware Area. This area lies along a bay called Golden Horn. Approximately ten years ago one of the former local governments cleaned the coast from low-quality buildings and forced the owners to take their shops away to a new organized hardware area (PERPA). Some of the owners moved to PERPA, but some of them rejected to move. Today the area is in a view of a vacant, derelict area except two sides of the main street.

Thus, some suggestions shall be presented in this study about the development of the area by integrating local and global characteristics. Some international experiments (London Docklands-Canary Wharf) is going to be taken into consideration while doing this. Then contribution of these experiments to the development of Istanbul in the global world, is going to be discussed.

It will be very interesting for participants to listen Istanbul's different transformation processes with photographs and graphics.
globalization, locality, urban regeneration
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