- Planning for Mountainous and Island Regions in the Information Age (The Case of Greek Highlands and Islands)   click here to open paper content23 kb
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Short Outline
Abstract received by fax and inserted by ISoCaRP This paper refers to the planning problems, efforts and perspectives in underdeveloped and marginalised areas of the Greek islands and highlands, in the context of the information age. The interest of this approach, especially for regional planners, lies on the importance of the new information and communication technologies to bring closer remote regions and incorporate them to the main development axes of the country. The content of the paper is analyzed in two parts: In the first part we proceed to a description of the principal features of the ''real space'' (human and physical / natural and cultural) of the Greek islands and highlands and particularly those referring to geomorphological variety, geographical isolation territorial discontinuity etc, by using appropriate indicators. Furthermore the existing situation of the above areas comprises the examination of a series of threats and perspectives which constitutes a major contradiction: dramatic population decrease, and destruction of the environment caused by uncontrolled economic activities etc. In the second part we are trying to develop a planning model based on the recent technological achievements in the field of transportation, telecommunication and informatics. To this purpose the possibility of establishing a system of distance-working, distance-learning, distance-educating procedures is examined in order to overcome accessibility obstacles due to a) the lack of transport infrastructures, b) the lack of business installations. Personal involvement in this subject: Participation in the elaboration of studies (master plans) for the spatial planning in mountainous and island areas of Greece, in the framework of the 3rd Community Support Framework.
Highlands and Islands, as the most marginilized regions of Greece, present several development problems. It is essential to describe the physical features of these regions in order to understand their true needs, so that efforts can be made towards a new planning model for these areas, using the benefits of information technologies.

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