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by    Iranmanesh, nasim & etaati, korous | niranmanesh@yahoo.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
This paper is about the civic vitality and its relation to decoration of urban space.
Urban space is the container of civic vitality and if these spaces have good visual effect so there will be a better civic vitality on them .
In our contemporary life and process of industrialization and fast increasing of population , we notice a hastily growing of cities . Because of this we face with an object that is “ cities crisis” .
This crisis confronting people with a strange environment and make urban spaces to an unknown , ugly , strange and without identity spaces .
Civic vitality that is combined with resting and safety in cities , complexity of meeting and contacts of people with their surrounding environment and with each other and also “memories” form in a container which is called urban spaces.
The quality of form of this container or ‘urban spaces have an important effect on civic vitality.
A lovely environment help making a more desirable civic vitality.
To make a pleasant environment with high quality there are several objects that are: clearance – appearance – visibility and also corporation of people .
Making a good visual environment is a requisite to make civic vitality more pleasant and urban designer and people both have a responsibility to pay attention to it.
Civic vitality - urban space- cities crisis- clearance - appearance - visibility -corporation of people
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