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Short Outline
The study is to get some lesson learnt from the case of PDPP (Participatory Medium Term Development Planning) as part of the Performance Oriented Regional Management (PERFORM) Project in Indonesia with concentration on how the programs create strategies to sustain their goals: participation in local governance. The lesson learnt can be used in some related programs, not only for international programs (conducted by international agencies or developed countries) but also for local programs (conducted by the developing countries themselves).
Case of PDPP (Participatory Medium Term Development Planning), Indonesia

Since demand of good governance, especially in the local level emerge as the impact of multidimensional crises, and the implementation of the Law No. 22/1999 and No. 25/1999; Indonesia tries to increase the authority and ability of the local governance in service delivery. Following the trend, the United States Government through its foundation tries to support it. The USAID has funded PERFORM (Performance Oriented Regional Management) in Indonesia since 2000, in order to facilitate the instruments for the local government in planning and operating participatory local governance. The program concentrates on the participation at local governance as one of good governance elements.

It is commonly perceived that a program has a time bound, but in a community based or participatory planning project needs the sustainability of the process of participation at local governance to achieve the good governance as the expected outcome. To create the sustainability of participation in local governance, the program requires comprehensive development planning (multi-sectors and multi stakeholders involvement), capacity building of the stakeholders, legal supports, and the development of participatory concept itself to achieve sustainability of participation at local governance. It is also very interesting that the program, especially the PERFORM in Indonesia, has strategies to strengthen and empower local government, NGO’s and community in implementing participation in local governance by creating a strategic partnership and networks (within a region-based training/participati! on centre) that was expected can act as: an advocacy and training centre; a driving force and ‘catalyst’; and a centre of excellent to perfecting knowledge, guidelines, etc and to develop skill, attitudes, and behaviour in sustaining participation in local governance.

Key words: good governance, participation, sustainability, partnership and networking
good governance, participation, sustainability, partnership and networking
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