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Short Outline
Case Study sent in by fax and inserted by ISoCaRP Revitalization / the renovation, regards the process of rebuilding housing estates which are made of prefabricated reinforced concrete boards. Those housing estates have been realized 30-40 years ago to obtain better flats. Housing Estates made of prefabricated and reinforced concrete boards compose around 1/4 flat resources of all 12 min available. Until now, in Poland, those housing estates haven't been yet revitalized. Very newly, we have faced with the necessity of their renovation and revitalization. The renovation of the housing estates is a two-sided problem and regards the economical aspect and the method of solution. (Both aspects will be discussed). Furthermore, there must be defined the intent of renovation. The intent of renovation is - to obtain the housing estates more balanced in respect of economical, technical, social, environmental and space aspects. Our lecture will consist of two parts. In part 1, we will discuss the economical aspect of restoration (methods of finance). In part 2, we will discuss methods of solution - the revitalization project including renovation and development. Presenting both parts, we will discuss above aspects theoretically and practically ( as a case study). To our case study, we'll use as an example a housing estate situated in Ursynow - the southern district of Warsaw. The name of the housing estate is ............ ...... The total earth area of the housing estate is 6 hectares. The housing estate consists of 600 flats located in 9 houses with total surface of 33.000 sm. There live around 1600 inhabitants. Described housing estate is a part of a bigger unit, (all buildings are made of prefabricated reinforced concrete boards) and there live altogether 100.000 inhabitants. According to our project, the housing estate will not only be restorated but will also increase its development surface by 30%. The project of restoration and development will be financed by a credit, which will be repaid by incomes from enlarged living space. This type of realization, which include renovation and extension of existing buildings can be also treated as a Housing Investment Fund, where 1 sm. of living space could be a participation unit.
This presentation is concerned with revitalisation, i.e. renewal, reconstruction and extension of a housing estate made of prefabricated reinforced concrete panels (the project). Therefore, the projectís goal is to achieve the housing estate of higher quality, extending their life and increasing usable area by 30%.
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