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Short Outline
The case study highlights an issue of international importance.All the important metropolitan cities are growing and the area around them will be a problem today or tomorrow. To check this,Satellite towns need to be developed in similar situation in all parts of the world
The National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCTD) is a giant metropolis, which has witnessed phenomenal growth and changes both in terms of population and urban activities during the last five decades. Delhi being the capital of India and the city full of opportunities and convenient linkages is attracting almost every trade and activity, for function and economic growth towards the city. Any establishment desiring a role to play in a larger part of India, finds it convenient and meaningful to get located in the city of Delhi, not only for business at national level but also at global level. The added population in the NCR causes pressure on Delhis infrastructure and services. Moreover, the larger population base of National Capital Region(NCR) promotes additional business, people related services and employment opportunities in Delhi. This development brings in more migrants to Delhi, and thus results in accelerated growth rate of the city.
The area of NCR is 30,242 sq km, shared by NCTD, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan. NCR has 12 ring towns (within radius of 30Km of Delhi) and 8 satellite towns (around 45 Km from Delh). The present Policy has been of developing NCR without a National urbanization policy and without promoting development of other metropolitan regions. This has resulted in influx of migrant population from other parts to the country to settle in NCR. Ring and satellite towns need to be developed on priority basis.
. The issues that need attention for existence and survival of city are:
h Stress on Infrastructure
h Traffic congestion
h Emergence of unplanned areas
h Degradation of built environment
h Conversion of open spaces to built-up areas
h NCTD needs to be planned together with NCR.
h Poly-nodal concept with corridor form of development to be encouraged
h Development of counter wholesale markets, industrial areas, educational institutions and other facilities in the satellite towns to promote voluntary shifting of establishments

Development of Satellite and Ring Cities
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