- New urban Communities Management as a Tool for strategic Issues    click here to open paper content347 kb
by    Sharaf Eldin, Ibrahim & Amin, Khairy & Solman, Mohamed | alburj@link.net   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
New urban communities in Egypt management as a tool for important strtigic issue. How to encourage private sector to involves in establishing &managing these new commenities in Egypt
New urban communities management as a tool for strategic issues
dr. Ibrahim Sharaf El-din & dr. Mohamed Solman & dr. Khairy Amin

It is becoming more and more obvious that urban growth in Egypt and most of developing countries are increasing faster than the improvement offered by national and local governments. For urban improvement to gain more momentum, new urban communities should be considered as large-scale national ventures . The value of developing new urban communities depend upon the strength of their system of urban management. In other case, new urban communities depend on a national policy for urban growth. When the planning and development of such communities is integrated with national policy , we can except them and their regions to offer the variety of social and economic choices that large cities have always offered.

In Egypt new communities management can be a tool to improve societies , economics , and the environment . With contrast to common opinion and despite its bureaucratic machinery , public enterprise can gain much prestige by sponsoring new town construction as an instrument for national improvement . For example , new towns can be an instrument for stabilizing the economic fluctuation of regions .

Central governments should distribute funds for both existing communities and new ones because the latter can serve the interest of existing centers . For the long-range national interest , new urban communities must be viewed as innovative laboratories for social , economic, taxation , governance, physical, and other reforms from which the established city can learn a great deal . Thus it is beneficial for the existing cities to see new urban settlement as part of the their process for improvement .This paper is interested to encouraging private sector capabilities in improving and managing new urban communities establishment parallel to government efforts. The establishment of this relation adds another argument for the necessity of having a national policy for new urban communities management and growth .
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