- The perspectives of a medium-sized city in the neighbourhood of Zurich    click here to open paper content1651 kb
by    wirz, nicole & suter, beat & wolf, peter | nwi@metron.ch   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
Switzerland knows a very high political autonomy of the 3,000 municipalities. This high autonomy means, that a Swiss municipality is forced to act almost like an enterprise - trying to optimise its share of regional economy in friendly competitorship to its neighbours. On the example of Schlieren which has 13,500 inhabitants and 14,500 workplaces it is shown with which strategy for the urban development the municipality is trying to achieve a qualitative growth.
What is the interest of the participants:
Although the scale is different it can be interesting for the participants to see what are the commun and different topics of a medium-sized city in Switzerland compared with their own experiences. The thing take makes the scale of the city is not only the physical an structural measurement but the problems with what it has to deal with. Moreover this example gives an impression of the importance of the political structure in the urban management on the case study of a city in Switzerland.
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