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Short Outline
In this presentation, the focus will be on the following:
Trans-border dimension and bi-nationality of the project:
- Co-operation between France and Switzerland
- Management for the future site.
Innovationís project in the context of agglomeration Franco - valdo - Genevese: case of the gold rectangle.

In Geneva, because of smallness of territory (282 sqm), urban and space saturation related to increasing requirements in residences and spaces for activities (organizations international, ONG and undertaken etc..) the Geneva authorities led to reflect on the future development of the canton in the fifteen to twenty next years. The finality being not only to find news constructible zones but more especially to preserve the quality of life, motive fluid of its international politics to attract investment and companies. Only establishment of the international organizations bring each year of the economic repercussions of the order four billion franks Swiss per annum and 23000 employments.
However, live competition between the large cities (Munich, Vienna, Dublin, Barcelona, Zurich etc....) obliges it, for little that she wants to keep her competitvity and to consolidate its assets, to develop and implement projects of innovation. Beyond an economic performance, those must be registered in a step of urban development durable which integrates a catch in count their negative impacts on the environment (Responsibility ecological) and an improvement of the social wellbeing of the inhabitants (social solidarity).
It is in this spirit that the new master line of the canton of Geneva is registered (2001- 2015) which devotes an importance particular to transborder dimension and with the durable development in the great projects of development during this period.
It is why by mutual agreement, responsible of Geneva, of Vaud (canton transborder, close to the canton of Geneva in national Switzerland) and authorities, regional and communal of France concerned with the problems of one transborder agglomeration, set up think tanks and discussions of which the AGEDRI (association free Valdo- genevoise for development of the interregional relations) and the CRFG (regional committee Franco-Genevese). These reflexions and discussions led to the adoption of one charter in 1997 of development of the agglomeration Franco valdo- Genevese who defined 10 projects of economic and transborder development of which the star of Annemasse (France), the South Pole project (France) and the project gold rectangle (Geneva, France) etc.
The transborder territory of gold rectangle located around the airport concerns Geneva and also includes the sector of the CERN (European center for nuclear research). This sector is with less 5km centre town of Geneva and is characterized by a dense and complex urbanization on the sector Switzerland and by a territory currently largely intended for agriculture and profiting from a great landscape quality on the French sector. It aims to instigate all the activities which are developed by the communication and the international exchanges. The strategic axes of programming concern the airport development and accompaniment, the reception and it reinforcement of the international activities, scientific research and the technology transfers in collaboration with the CERN and the reinforcement of the attractivity of the territory.
Achievements will allow to accomodate activities related to these programs in buildings of quality. They will include a first section of approximately 150000m2 of overall surface Net (SHON) from here 2010 and one second section of 500000m2 from here 2015.The creation of job in the long term is evaluated between 12000 and 17000 stations of work.

In this presentation, the accent will be put on these two questions:

Problems of the organization and territorial planning.

- Which are the urban transformations what will involve ''the gold rectangle'' in the territories concerned by the project and in the agglomeration in general?
- Its economic purposes and environmental - they contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in agglomeration?
- Instruments of town planning and installation implemented for the execution of a plan of installation?

Stakes dregs with transborder dimension and binational of the project:

- Stakes of co-operation between France and Switzerland
- Stakes of planning between territories
- Institutional stakes between institutional levels which do not have same competences.
- Legislative stake for the operators and the future operators.
- Stakes of management for the future site.
- And of course with the present stage stake of coordination for work of installation and the constitution of the bodies of decision and management of the project.

agglomeration, stakes, cooperation,innovation and economy
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