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Short Outline
Regeneration, capacity building, redevelopment.
Our approach is to share the sustainable Visne¬zade neighborhood regeneration spaces for the creative economy of the Besiktas district in the competitive world city of Istanbul.
Sustainable Neighborhood Regeneration; For a Creative Economy


Turkey is one of the developing countries. Istanbul is a unique world city which is competing with the other world cities and developing it’s self against the negativity of the globalization.

Globalization, effects to the cities with a rapid and unregulated growth as Istanbul had experienced. The negative effects of the globalization could be seen effectively in the inner cities of Istanbul, like Besiktas district.

The transformation of the city regions are raised up with the globalization. The industry regions transformed with high skyscrapers. After 80’s the politic decisions made the transformation and redevelopment of the industry regions to service sector with the global economy’s investments. The global investment’s opportunity areas like Mecidiyeköy, Sisli, Zincirlikuyu, Levent, 4.Levent are so close to Besiktas.

The results of the sectoral and physical transformation of those regions had started to seen in the inner city of Besiktas.

Besiktas is an old historic settlement with its Ottoman and Byzantine Empire architectural monuments, environment and Bosporus. Lots of Byzantine churches settled on the Bosporus in the Byzantine period. Lots of Ottoman Palace buildings and gardens built in the Ottoman period. Visnezade neighborhood has an old ottoman neighborhood structure with its street and house structure and type. The neighborhood’s heart is an urban conservation area. Houses in the conservation area are abandoned to their aspect because of the legal institutional framework of the conservation councils.

That aspect made the region house of the urban poor and the beginning of the social exclusion from the other sides of the district like Levent, Ulus, and Gayrettepe neighborhoods.

Istanbul’s world city identity is identified with tourism and service sector. Besiktas is the unique district of Istanbul with its location, historic background and environment, Bosporus, EU level education and citizens.
With that approach and Besiktas’s situation in Istanbul makes Besiktas to be the cultural and historical tourism center of Istanbul with the support of the service sector.

Besiktas’s inner city has started to collapse with its socio-cultural and economic structure of the physical and social environment. There is need to create a new sustainable socio-economic, cultural and physically affordable housing neighborhoods.

Visnezade neighborhood is one of the inner neighborhoods of the Besiktas district. We need to provide the neighborhood’s effectiveness again with the technological and creative methods like regeneration and its tools in the global economy and services.

Sustainable neighborhood regeneration is one of the most effective implementation methods with the technology instruments in the world for creative and sustainable neighborhoods if its social impacts are expected before.

Our approach with that paper is to share the sustainable Visnezade neighborhood regeneration spaces for the creative economy of Besiktas district in a competitive world city Istanbul.
regeneration,sustainability, redevelopment
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