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Short Outline
Torino: an innovative city to provide the best response to contemporary challenges. From the image of a one-company town to a city of knowledge: ideas know-how and creativity building on its industrial tradition are the new drivers of economic growth
Torino, the first Italian city to adopt a Strategic Plan (2000 2006), became a European benchmark both in terms of participation and urban marketing (www.torino-internazionale.org). In developing the new strategic plan (2007-2015), the metropolitan area chose knowledge as its central theme. In particular, the combination of integrated planning with new forms of research made it possible to pinpoint design as a potential cluster to develop and promote. Action was therefore taken to strengthen the education system, co-operation relationships were built up with a number of cities interested in interacting on the issue of design, a working group was launched to identify the needs of companies in the sector and to construct a centre for design.
Being able to count on these points of excellence in various industrial sectors led the City of Torino to take part in the international competition to host the two World Associations of Industrial Design and Graphic Design (ICSID and ICOGRADA). The result of the presentation of the Torino and Piemonte design system culminated with the award of the title as World Design City for 2007. The attribution of this title does not refer to parameters that characterise unquestioned world capitals in the field of design (such as London or Milan), but incorporates the identification of the new image that Torino is striving to build, thanks also to its Strategic Plan, with an image able to combine the manufacturing tradition with a vast range of culture and now major events.
Starting with the 2006 Winter Olympics, Torino intends to use creativity and skills as the keys for its urban development.
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