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by    Hulshof, Ineke & Brouwer, Jan & Jonquiere, Peter | ineke@hulshof-architecten.nl   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
A special building, an example of a strategic project, a characteristic environment attracting all kinds of creative disciplines in the historic environment of the centre of Delft.
abstract paper “BACINOL” ISOCARP / Bilbao

Authors: Ineke Hulshof, Hulshof Architecten
Jan Brouwer, ABFstrategie
Peter Jonquiere, planQonsult

Title: Delft Bacinol : new chemistry through creativity, guts and cooperation

The authors aim to describe how, with creativity and guts, a growing number of small creative business firms in Delft are transforming a vacant, former industrial building, - once the cradle of Dutch penicillin production, now an architectural landmark, into a thriving creative business centre, which should become an icon for Delft as a Creative City. The important role of the municipality in this process will be explained as well as the crucial function of close and intensive cooperation between municipal actors, the business community and the local civil society.

Delft is not only famous for its history, Vermeer, Delft Blue etc. It has a Technical University that turns out hundreds of young creative academics, architects, designers, planners, and other engineers each year. It also houses many research and design firms and institutions, big and small. Delft wants to take its place as a centre of knowledge and creativity in the larger metropolitan framework of the Randstad Holland. Bacinol is a very characteristic, 55 years old, industrial building with a typical steel frame structure that allows for the flexible use.

In April 2005, 38 creative companies occupy the building. This includes 10 artists who have a special agreement and a reduced rent. Also Bacinol-EXPO opened the first exhibition showing the diversity of the building and its occupants. In February 2005 a big event resulted in a good reputation. A special part of this event were debates on the topic of Creative Economy in the Expo-hall of the building.

In the paper the following topics will be dealt with. First a short description of the development process. Second an analysis of its occupants and the economic effects and third the outcome of the debates on the creative industry. Finally the paper will explore this on going experiment and discuss the chances for the future considering the development of Delft as a creative city.
Bacinol, New chemistry through creativity in Delft
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