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by    Kurtarir, Erhan & Cengiz, Hüseyin | kurtarirerhan@yahoo.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
In our research we tried to analyse (with the swot analysis method) the condition of the creative economy in Istanbul in order to discuss which policies can be designed to support the creative economy in Istanbul?
What are the dynamics of creative economy in Istanbul?

This paper aims to examine the strategies for the development of creative economy in Istanbul. To this end, we tried to unfold Istanbul’s advantages and disadvantages. Main topics are creative space and its criteria, marketing policy as well as Istanbul’s advantages and disadvantages. Main research questions are as follows: what do we need to improve creative economy in Istanbul? Which marketing policies should be developed to increase the competitive advantage of Istanbul?

Istanbul has many advantages since it is the cultural, financial and industrial capital of Turkey. The importance of the city for the country increases day by day. To understand the capability of Istanbul some basic factors should be clarified.

Characteristics of the city make it more attractive. Istanbul has unique natural and historical heritage. Creative capacity of Istanbul derives from its history. Multicultural life gives the city another important value. There are no barriers for new comers. Additionally, life never stops in Istanbul thanks to its location as a crossroad. Another important point is that a great variety of people from each and every socio-economic groups of the country live in Istanbul.

On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages. Central government and local authority try to change the city’s atmosphere to market the city in the global arena. But there is no well-defined marketing strategy, planning policy or partnerships. Supporting legal framework of creative economy is another weak point. Lack of well prepared strategy for the city obstruct the development of creative economies.

Our research project aims to understand how the city and the creative economy re-create each other. To understand the situation, research is based on swot analysis method. Another goal of project is, with the help of the analyses, is to design policies to support the creative economy in Istanbul.
creative economy, creative space, institutional organisation, place marketing
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