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Short Outline
- Creative Workshops (open & divers, complementary)
- Design & Fashion
- Policy, Implementation and Realisation of a city-wide strategy
- Two Strategic Fashion Projects matching Urban Regeneration and Restoration.

‘Arnhem Art Port’, Chances for the Creative Economy in the City of Arnhem

The creative economy of the city of Arnhem has its strengths’ and weaknesses: there is a firm creative basis but there are too few links and little interaction with other stakeholders in the urban economy. Too often enthusiastic initiatives, born in the creative sector of arts and culture, get ‘lost’ because they fail to become solidly rooted in local economy.
This results in an ‘art-drain’ of creative entrepreneurs to the western part of the Netherlands (Amsterdam) or to the international fora like Paris and Milan. This especially happens to entrepreneurs working in the fashion-business. They have their education at the Arnhem School of Arts ‘Artez’ –famous for its graphic design and fashion departments -, they do start their business in a incubator’s milieu in Arnhem but, seeing their commercial future elsewhere, leave Arnhem and set up business in the Dutch or international capitals of fashion like Amsterdam, Paris, Milan. International famous fashion designers who have their origins in Arnhem are Viktor & Rolf, People of the Labyrinth, Spijkers & Spijkers and young potentials like Marck & Mo, still in Arnhem but looking abroad …

Arnhem’s ambition is to commit these creative people to the city. In order to do so Arnhem wants to create various interaction-milieus for Art and entrepreneurship, focussing on the whole life-cycle, from the starter to the international arrivé. The city wants to make a place for the rising and emerging initiatives in the cities’ creative economy, the so called incubator-milieus for young people who want to start a business. The city also wants to create business-clusters for initiatives that have proven sustainable and economically viable. Going one step further, Arnhem wants to establish first class locations in the city-center for the glamorous display of successful and internationally well known creative designers and entrepreneurs.

The case study will discuss the policy, implementation and realisation of one or two locations, the neighbourhood Klarendal [urban regeneration] and the Coberco location [former factory], as part of the city-wide strategy. The role of the stakeholders -housing corporations, private owners, develop
Design & Fashion, Policy, Implementation & Realisation, Two Strategic Fashion Projects
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