- SStrategies and new spaces for social action: Construction projects with the use of dynamic interfaces    click here to open paper content337 kb
by    Cañas López, Jorge Eduardo & del Socorro Pérez Rincón Fernández, María | trilitico_trilitico@yahoo.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The global world is located at the micro space level. In the work’s enterprise as web around the business project, a new line for planners opens up for the utility of TIC to generate social project sources of knowledge and communication.
The economic globalization is a dialectical phenomenon generator of new contrasts, poverty and inequalities, that it integrates and breaks into fragments the space diluting the territorial identifications of the state-nation, reconfiguration the territory in social and cultural terms; this frame by two important :

a) the world processes of economic integration-dependence,
b)and the more dense migratory flows of poor countries toward the rich ones.

Emerges types the intervention and promotion (enterprises and governments) with new economic and politics territorial configuration that transcends the local identifications using like principal tool TIC. On the other hand in the most important cities are relocated the multiple human flows that incrising the diversity , forces by rethinking the exchange processes and the new cultural constructions like product of our interconnected daily spaces, through the global communications or by the multiple informal or imaginary ways constructed thought virtual espaces.

In this research we are working with grup in order to co-desig projects though internet in order to representation and diffuse ideas and improved social participation.

It is looked for working the poverty problem, not simply as lack of resources but in the trasgresión of the '' space’s rights, expression and comunication'', in order to gestate analysis focuses in the disadvantages that affect to certain sectors.

This new analysis perspective means to locate the topic of the poverty in the mark of the theoretical debates on the generation of strategies for using dynamic interfaces as social tool.
TIC, self-intervention, social participation, symbolic power
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