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Short Outline
In recent times, liberalized economic policies have led to great changes in world economies. India is emerging as Economic Tiger. As a potential big market, Delhi needs to be tuned to attract developmental impulses for improved economy of the country
Delhi is the nucleus for the economic opportunities in the northern India. Being the Capital and a city full of opportunities and convenient linkages is attracting every Trade and activity for function and economic growth towards the city. Any establishment desiring a role to play in a larger part of India, finds it convenient and meaningful to get located in the city of Delhi, not only for their business at national level but also at global level

The trade and commerce activities can be understood under the following hierarchy:
A. Central Business Districts (areas of importance at global, national & city level)
a. Connaught Place,
b. Chandni Chowk,
c. Sadar Bazar and Paharganj
d. Karol Bagh
B. Sub Central Business District and District Centres (areas of importance at city level)
C. Community Centres (areas of importance at neighbourhood level)
D. Local Shopping Centres (areas importance at local level)
E. Convenient Shopping Centres (areas of importance at local level)

The issues that need attention are:
Emergence of unauthorized and informal Sector markets
Development/urban renewal of markets at CBD( Central Business District) level
Large scale illegal conversion of residential premises to commercial establishments
Concentration of commercial activities in dilapidated buildings lacking adequate infrastructure facilities
Distortion of the city skyline and loss in architectural character of the areas
Emergence of non-hierarchical commercial centres.

Provision of designated spaces for informal sector activities.
Incentives to attract the unauthorized developments and sub standard developments to planned areas.
Development of economic corridors for optimum utilization of land along major transport corridors
Voluntary shifting of old establishments (wholesale markets, industrial areas, etc) to appropriate locations.
Enhancement of FAR to interest individuals, society and developers for economic viability
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