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Short Outline
In France, 5 years after voting for the ‘solidarity and urban renovation’ law that renews planning tools and revives metropolitan strategic plans, which are the challenges the planning profession faces, publicly and privately?
1) Renewing planning tools : a burning necessity.
- decentralisation increasing
- state civils services reorganisation and modernisation
- taking sustainable developement into consideration
- metropolitan and urban planning tools old ans unadapted

2) Solidarity ans urban renovation law : 3 goals
- planning policies more coherent (planning chapter)
- more urban solidarity (housing chapter)
- urban transportation policies better linked with planning policies (mobility chapter)

3) New and renewed planning tools
- regional planning : directive territorial d’amenagement (DTA)
- metropolitan planning : schema de coherence territorial (SCOT)
- housing planning : programme local de l’habitat (PLH)
- mobility planning : plan de déplacements urbains
- urban planning : plan local d’urbanisme

4)New mutual methods and tools at any scale
- project management
- planning sustainable development : projet d’aménagement et de developpement durable (PADD)

5) Into decentralisation context, new planning policies organisation
- state civil planning services new positionning
- metropolitan planning services emerging
- private planning offices facing to an increasing market of studies and surveys

6) Planning profession facing new stakes
- into LMD (licence, master, doctorate) contexte, initial planning education reorganisation
- professionnal identification and certification : office public pour la qualification des urbanistes (OPQU)
- planning profession organisations federing : conseil français des urbanistes (OPQU)

Conclusion : nobody was really prepared and organised to face « solidarity and urban renovation law » achievement. 5 years after its vote, french planning system is quite up to be stabilised. So planning profession, public and private at last at their right place, is facing an enormous challenge.
plans, planning tools, planning methods, solidarity and urban renovation, planning prossionnal organisations
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