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by    Dinh Quoc, Phuong | q.dinh@pgrad.unimelb.edu.au or phuongdq@yahoo.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The paper aims at a proper understanding of Hanoi Architecture by looking at Bat Trang,a pottery village.The uniqueness of Bat Trang will be identified,and the recent changes to Bat Trang caused by urbanization and economic reform will be examined.
The rapid process of urbanization and ‘doi moi’ (economic reform) as well as the opening up of Vietnam, especially to tourists, has led to both positive and negative changes in the built environment of traditional Vietnamese craft villages. The spread of urbanization and modern technology seem to ignore the existence of the village’s identity, which is shaped and strengthened over generations. As a result, many beautiful structures have been ‘swallowed’ up by the city’s expansion.

What should be done to maintain the village’s identity? I believe, it is important to know what should be maintained and what should be changed. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the patterns of village life, which includes identifying craft production and significant structures such as the communal house, the gate, and pagodas to begin to find the solution to sustaining the villages’ character.

This conference paper will look at one such village-Bat Trang, a pottery village in Hanoi. The special characteristics of Bat Trang, including some patterns of village life, will be identified, and the recent changes to Bat Trang caused by urbanization and the changes to pottery production will be discussed. Particular reference will be made to the work of the American architectural theorist, Christopher Alexander. Another approach is to look at some Australian cases, such as the preservation of Bendigo Pottery and the development of historic towns like Walhalla. Some possible guidelines for supporting the identity of Bat Trang in the face of change will emerge from this discussion.
Village Architecture, Hanoi, Urban Changes, Bat Trang pottery
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