- Towards a creative Development: The case of La Spezia   click here to open paper content891 kb
by    Dominici Besio, Mariolina & Virgilio, Daniele | besio@arch.unige.it   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The creation of a network of museums,
The renewal of the historic centre
The discovery of a system of public spaces in the city centre
The case illustrates a new development strategy based on creative
economy as a factor of innovation of urban identity. It deals with the
process of urban regeneration being pursued, during the last ten
years and now in progress, by the city of La Spezia, in northwestern
coast of Italy.
The city of La Spezia has lived a long period of economic and
environmental decay due to the decline of the “historic” industry in the
Eighties. The population decrease and the end of urban growth, the
emigration, the de-localisation of productive activities, the
persistence of unresolved environmental and social conflicts,
between industrial activities, connected to the commercial Harbour,
and a tourist potential, have been the premises to foster a new model
of development.
A starting point in the Nineties, has been the institution of a few art
museums after private donations. They set a cultural pre-condition for
the development towards new forms of economy, a spatial
regeneration and the achievement of a renewed self-assertive urban
identity. Some strategic actions and a new planning process gave
start to an urban new deal: the renewal of the historic centre, the
creation of a network of museums, the discovery of a system of public
spaces in the city centre.
The planning innovation consists in the adoption of an integrated
strategy for sustainable development, whose main instruments are
the new strategic plan (2001-2005) and the new urban masterplan
(2000-2003). The two instruments set the path towards the
development of a co-operative planning process and the creation of a
collective vision for the city’s future, concerning the issues of
environment, new waterfront, tourism, infrastructures, local productive
system, participation, welfare.

Strategic actions Planning innovation Renewal of urban identity
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