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Short Outline
This paper gives an overall view into the city of Chongqing, revealing and analyzing the strategic measures in planning for its development, telling why the city today is widely complimented as a “City of Charm”.
Chongqing, China’s famous cultural city with a 2300-year long history of development, is located at the confluence of the two rivers of Changjiang and Jianling. It is the economic center of the upper reaches of the Changjiang River and the bridgehead linking the country’s west region to the middle and eastern parts. It plays a critical role in the drive to develop the vast west. In 1977, it became the 4th Zhixia City (municipality directly under the Central Government) with a population of 32 million and an area of 82,400 km². The main city population is over 7 million plus a floating population of more than 1 million. The promotion of its strategic position is bringing unprecedented challenges and opportunities to the city’s development.
Constructing the city’s sustaining activity and harmony:
1. Construction of the infrastructure of traffic, energy supplies communications, etc. and the improvement of the city’s capacity of sustainable development and building standard.
2. Adjustment, transformation of industry structure and the building of a circulative economy.
3. Strengthening environmental protection and bettering the context of investment.
4. Planning for the vigorous urban space structure and creating features of a snanshui landscape garden city.
5. Unremitting efforts to formulate a harmonious city.
Author. 1:
Huang Guangyu, senior professor of Chongqing University, China, member of Chongqing Municipal Government Planning Committee, vice director of the Urban Development Expert Advisory Committee, and director of China Urban Planning Society Eco-Planning & Construction Specialty Committee.
Have participated and supervised Chongqing’s planning activities of various sorts.
Author 2:
Lin Guangyi, Associate Professpr of Chongquing University, China; director of the Enrichment Department of RCMCR (Research Center of Mountain Cities and Regions)
developing Chongqing, sustaining activity and harmony
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