- Conceptual Model of Almaty City and Almaty Region joint Development    click here to open paper content71 kb
by    Junussova, Madina | mcny@rambler.ru   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The report focuses mainly on the joint development for Almaty city and the Almaty region, giving a conceptual model of future planning for a sustainable development of the whole South-East trans-border area of Kazakhstan.
The Almaty region is one of the main administrative areas of Kazakhstan bordering the West China region of Xingjian and South part of Kyrgyzstan. The city of Almaty is former capital of Kazakhstan located within Almaty region. Many small and medium sized towns, which belong to the Almaty region, lay in the immediate sphere of Almaty city influence. The number of inhabitants and work places continues to grow in the city of Almaty while in Almaty region the number of inhabitants and work places decreases.
The opening of the Kazakhstan–China border brought new opportunities for direct contact between Almaty city and Almaty region of Kazakhstan and Xinjiang province of China. It is time to work out plans of joint development in order to define possibilities for trans-border cooperation based on the economic potential of the Almaty region as a whole (including Almaty city).
The main issue of conceptual model is balanced distribution of the development possibilities taking into consideration trans-border transit potential of Almaty region.
joint planning, trans-border areas, border region, sub-urbanisation
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