- Spatial and cultural Impact Assessment of Symbol Replacement in Istanbul   click here to open paper content714 kb
by    Kurtarir, Erhan & Secilmisler, Tore & Ozugul, Doruk | kurtarirerhan@yahoo.com   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
This study aims to identify the effects of image replacement processes on the cultural heritage in Istanbul. Besides, the destruction of social memory and the social restructuring process will be evaluated in an alienation concept.
With the effects of new actors and changing economic life spatial demands are differed. Communities and cultures, which were discrete in the past, are in search of common values, because of the shift from homogeneous towards heterogeneous structures. When this common value creation aim combines with the spatial demands of the new economy, debates like standardisation of cultures and loss of unique identities came to urban agenda. Prestige buildings and flagship projects, which are designed by the same architects, consumed by the same users, also seem to be similar in shape, are good examples of this problematic.

With the gaining economic value, symbols of cultures have been begun to displace. Symbols which are created for marketing spaces are displaced with local symbols which have been sustained and identify the local. Destruction of archaeological data’s with new development projects can be an example of the situation. For example, effects of Marmaray project on archaeological sites. “Local” is started to generate spaces which are assimilated with global values. These spaces are the battlefield for authentic values which are the result of cultural heritage and global values. Battle between the standardisation of place and protection of authenticities causes disintegration. When we examine the successful marketing implementations, even the process should exist as the displacement of negative image with positive image, it is processed as the displacement of local values with “global values”.

This study aims to identify the effects of image replacement process on cultural heritage in Istanbul case. Besides, destruction of social memory and social structure will be evaluated in alienation concept. Not only the physical dimension of the city but also social and emotional dimensions of the city are going to be handled.
symbolic economy, image replacement, symbolic/local value, social memory, alienation, disintegration
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