- Informal Settlement Development Methodology    click here to open paper content510 kb
by    Abou El-Ela, Manal & Sharaf el Din, Ibrahim & Ahmed Soliman, Mohamed | alburj@link.net   click here to send an email to the auther(s) of this paper
Short Outline
The paper will discuss the informal Settlements Development Methodology as an efficient tool in integration of urban cities development.(Case study of the investment zones in Kuwait city).
The informal settlements which suffer from a lot of problems (urban, social and economical) is considered as one of the most important challenges facing the development of cities.
It must be taken into account in all development plans especially under the policy of putting a new map for new cities. This new map aims to develop the functional components of the cities in order to integrate all urban development potentials.
The development of informal settlements inside cities represents an important request in upgrading the cities, which has several problems due to the existence of slums areas (or informal settlements). These problems decrease the functions efficiency for the city.
The paper aims to put a clear methodology to develop the informal settlements inside the city which help to increase the functional efficiency and then the integration of potentials inside it. this is can be applied by case study for an informal settlements in Kuwait which called the investment zones ( from Fintas to Faheheel) these zones are located at the gulf beach in the south part of Kuwait city .
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